Q: What are the details and rationale behind the AVT/E+L alliance? A: AVT and E+L are joining forces to provide our common customers with the broadest and best possible solutions for application and production workflow. The alliance allows each company to better focus individual resources on its core competences and, at the same time, boost both overall solutions offerings and customer benefits. . IN addition, the new combined entity will have a wider global presence with 100% service and support coverage. Q: What is the new partnership’s business operations model? A: AVT’s role: AVT will assume full responsibility of developing and managing automated inspection solutions for both companies’ customers, in the Label and Packaging markets. E+L’s role: E+L will continue to provide its customers with all other total quality assurance and process control solutions, from web guides to viewers and press control and automation. The company will continue to offer customers its current automatic inspection solutions, as well as solutions developed and provided by AVT. Q: What will the relationship between the two companies be? A: The relationship amounts to a long-term strategic alliance, under which the two companies will leverage each other’s capabilities, as well as share technologies and engineering expertise. As part of the agreement, Dr. Michael Proeller, E+L’s CEO, will be appointed Chairman of AVT’s Advisory Board and serve as an observer on AVT’s Board of Directors. Moreover, E+L’s acclaimed mechanical engineering and integration capabilities will enable both companies to offer more comprehensive, customer-oriented solutions.
Q: Will you continue to support all products? For how long? A: Yes, all products are supported as committed to before the alliance was announced, by AVT and E+L support and development teams. None of either company’s customers will be negatively impacted by this new partnership. Q: Will you continue to develop both Nyscan and Helios platforms? A: We plan to leverage the product capabilities of both companies to offer a wider, enhanced range of solutions to our customers, regardless of the platform on which they currently operate. Q: HShould I continue to buy Nyscan? Will you continue to invest in this platform? A: We continue to offer both Helios and Nyscan platforms. In the future, we intend to merge the capabilities of these two platforms, thereby extending end-to-end workflow support and integration. We plan to offer both our Nyscan and Helios customers an upgrade path to this integrated platform for optimal protection of their initial investment. Q: Who will own the Nyscan customer support for the inspection products? (e.g support call, training, spare parts, documents) A: For Nyscan products – the customer support and call will continue to be done by E+L in the coming months, in order to assure continuity and uninterrupted service. After the few months period, we will move the prime service responsibility to the AVT organization while E+L CS experts will remain available to support all customers. Q: Who will answer inspection and web viewing customer calls? A: All web viewing platform calls will continue to be handled E+L. Over time your AVT support staff will also be trained to support some of these products thus making support more available and providing better coverage to customers. Q: What is the status of existing service agreements and warranty? A: All service agreements with customers will be honored by AVT and E+L.